Comité des Chefs de PoliceConmité des Chefs d’Police

A Chef de Police is appointed in each Parish from the Centeniers of that Parish and is responsible to the Connétable for the operational policing of the Parish. The functions of the Chef de Police are to:

  • in so far as circumstances permit, deliver the key aims and objectives of any policies of the Connétable of the parish for the effective policing of the parish and to enhance the policing service in the parish; and
  • supervise and manage the members and resources of the Honorary Police of the parish.

The Chef de Police of every Parish is a member of the Comité des Chefs de Police and it is the role of the Comité to:

  • foster co-operation with the States of Jersey Police Force and work with all appropriate States or other community organisations; and
  • promote consistency and high standards of operational practice between the Honorary Police of each parish.

For further information refer to the Honorary Police (Jersey) Regulations 2005.

The Chairman of the Comité may be contacted as follows:

Address: Comité des Chefs de Police, East Wing RJA&HS, Route de la Trinité, Trinity, JE3 5JP

Telephone: +44 (0) 1534 767555

Email (Secretary): [email protected]