Jersey’s 12 ParishesLes Douze Pâraisses dé Jèrri

Jersey has twelve Parishes. Each Parish is divided into Vingtaines (or Cueillettes in St Ouen).

A Parish is a corporate body separate from its Parishioners. The Parish owns all public by-roads within its boundaries. The by-roads are administered by the Roads Committee as agent of the Parish. Individual electors of the Parish have no rights of ownership as such in Parish property.

The governmental body for the Parish is the Parish Assembly, traditionally known as the “Assembly of Principals and Officers of the Parish”.

What is the Comité des Connétables?

The Comité des Connétables comprises the twelve Parish Connétables who meet on a regular basis to discuss items of concern which affect all the Parishes. The Comité is not a statutory Committee of the States Assembly but the Supervisory Committee, which also comprises the twelve Connétables, is a statutory committee under the Rates Law.

How can I get involved with the Parish?

There are many opportunities to get involved within your Parish and, in so doing, to contribute to the life of your community and Island. Contact your Parish Connétable to find out more about the honorary posts and how you can volunteer, or contact the clubs and associations connected with the Parish to obtain further details of an organisation’s work and activities.

What’s happening in my Parish?

You’ll find details of Clubs and Associations connected with the Parish, local news, details of forthcoming events and other information on the Parish websites linked to on the footer of this website. General information on events in Jersey can be found on sites such as